I don't want this post to sound desprite or utterly confused. But How do you get from point A to B. I've had my share of phone sex, online sex and, have even been out on dates (all due to the fact that I made the effort). I'm completely comfortable with my sexuality but, when a man sees my body the deal is done that is there is no transaction. I'm 23 and am feeling like theres no hope for a real physical relationship in my future. I'm a great companion, funny, outgoing, artistic, and caring. But that's where it ends. Men love me but can't seem to get physical with me.
My problem right now is I have a guy I've been out with, we talk a lot about are ideas and intamate levels of creativity (writing and painting and such), We're connecting and I'm exstatic, but I'm scared! The last 2 times I got physical with a man they both "couldn't do it". They took a complete look at my body and stopped.
Please help me. I truly feel like giving up. Like men will always "be friends".
I have EHK on everywhere but my face and the palms of hands and feet. So theres no hidding it. I've tried the acids to reduce the scaling, bath thouroughly every day(1hr in the bath + 1hr drying and lotioning)and have asked my "true friends" if I have any odors that they can detect. I'm aware of my apperance and am Proud of it. I'm beautiful. Any ideas or even words of encouragment from any of you in our little skin disorders family would be greatly appreiated. Loves and Dreams to you all, Miss Vicky