My name is Cindie, I am Karens daughter. Well, I am 18 and have EHK. Two days ago i got at tattoo. I had never known if people with EHK could have a tattoo.
But now I do.

I got a tattoo of a fairy on my hip. It hurt really bad.Lol. Like all tattoos do. but i kept putting A&D on it like the tattoo artist told me. Well, By today it had scabbed over.
It usually takes people with EHK only a few days to heal up. Normally 1 or 2 for me.

Today the scab started coming off. Well, The tatoo started coming off with it. There is no scar on the places my skin has peeled.

So As advice for anyone with EHK who wants a tattoo. Don't do it. It wont stay and For me it was a waste of $60. [img][/img] But a very interesting/expensive Experiment.
Karen L. Sawyer