Hi there,

I wanted to post about the places to live in regard to dry weather vs humid weather.

I have had EHK since birth (34 now) my 14 yr old daughter has it to. Most of my life I lived in Fl and I produced staph infection ALL the time. I had to be on antibiodics every day, miss one day and it got ugly.

Finally me dermo did a batch of tests - cultures and determined that there was a strain of staph in the air from the humidity and that was why I kept getting infected.

I have been in research studies since I was 4, the first being at Duke University, NIH you name I've done it. I was in the original research study for Pyruvic Acid and Accutane - those dummies had me on accutane from 8 - 16 years of age.

Boy do I have stories but I have lots of contacts and I'm really knowledgeable in regard to EHK and welcome anyone contacting me about anything with EHK.

My Mom and I are were even Regional Reps for the SouthEast Division of F.I.R.S.T years ago and held their first conference for the SE area.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Warm Regards,