So far, we've discovered Cetaphil ($9 a jar at BJ's - anyone found it cheaper?) for my son and Jergen's Ultra Healing for my husband (Cetaphil is too expensive).

Our dermatologist also prescribes a combo of 10% urea, 10% lactic acid and 10% glycerin in some sort of base.

We use the paraffin bath and have humidifiers running at 45% in each of the bedrooms during the winter.

My husband wraps his feet in saran wrap nightly so that they humidify and he can walk. If anyone hasn't tried this, a fair warning - it makes them itch.

We've tried Tazorac and it caused my son's hand to blister until they bled.

We use the black 100/180 nail files on hands and feet on both boys, and my husband uses a Dremel 1 or 2x a month to eliminate the calluses.

Ichthyosis-en-Confetti Type 2
Husband, Nathan - 10, Elliot - 7, Oliver - 4, all affected.
I also have an unaffected daughter, age 8.

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