We are saling pizzas to help us earn a little extra cash to cover the trip. Try going to places that do fundraiser we have a place called Tony's pizza. I know Krispy Kream has them also. All you do is go around asking people if they would like to buy what ever it is you are selling and let them know what you are raising the money for. I come from a big communtiy so they all know Ryley and about her skin so for me this is easy to do. I don't have to tell them about Ich becasue they already know. All I have to say is the conference is this year and they buy a pizza or two. I was lucky last year my mom won 10,000 dollars and paid for me and the family to go. This year we are saving and selling to get there and no matter what it takes we are going to get there. Another Idea is yard sale anyting you don't need or have grown out of. Hope to see you there.

Shauna Johnson
Independant Consultant
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