hey all.. its crystal again.. just trying to get a little heads up on who all is able to go to the skin conference this year.. i haven't been to one since i was 13.. i am 22 now.. i really really want to go to this one but i live off ssi and they don't pay me enough...lol i also have a 2 yr old son i would have to pay for. that and the transportation to get there. i just want to know if anyone has any ideas on how i can raise money or something to get me and my family there. if anyone needs anything.. yall can also email me at special_bones@yahoo.com i have EHK yet my son was born.. thankfully without it. he is the light of my life but i want to teach him at an early age that just because people may look different they are most of the time more lovable. take care and hope to hear from someone soon.