I agree with Shauna, tubes won't stop the skin from growing and dying in his ears. I've never had problems with my ears, even though my skin is pretty thick. I do clean them everyday with a Qtip, more because it feels good then out of necessity. I do have a suggestion to help loosen the dead skin in his ear, try something that will lubricate it first, like baby oil, olive oil, lotion, what ever you prefer. Put it in his ears at night and in the morning clean his ears out with a Qtip as best you can. Be careful not to hit his eardrum. This would probably be something you would want to do the night before he goes in to have them cleaned out by a doctor, it will help loosen the dead skin so the doc has an easier time. I know debrox works on ear wax since ear wax is actually a blood gas by product it disolves and loosens it, but does it loosen dead skin?? I would think it probably dries the skin even more. My ears clean out much easier after a hot shower or a bath, I think the key is to soften the skin up. Try lubricating them and let me know how it goes.