Has anyone here with EHK ever gotten poison ivy or poison oak? I was up north a couple weeks ago and came back with a terrible itching, mostly the right side of my chest and right bicep. Those are the two worst areas, I have literally scratched all the skin off my chest and upper arms. My skin seems to be red and inflamed with tiny little bumps that seem like little blisters. It seems to be spreading, I am getting extremely itchy all over now. I've tried benedryl for some relief, but it obviously isn't curing anything. I've washed every piece of clothing and bedding in the house thinking it may have been something in that. I'm kinda freaky about sleeping in other peoples houses thinking I'll get an infection from it, and a couple weeks ago I spent 3 days at my inlaws house, thought maybe I got some creeping crud there but no one else has this rash. I also accompanied my wife to a doctors appointment where I sat in the waiting room, might be something someone else brought in??? I also thought maybe I was becoming allergic to me epilepsy medicine again, but the symptoms are totally different then before, no swelling of the face or welts on my body. I have no idea what it could be and I'm going to the doctor today, except my regular doc is on vacation so I will have to see someone else. You all know what that means, I'm going to get a doc that will be blinded by my ichthyosis and be able to focus on my rash, or not be able to tell I even have a rash. I've tried antibacterial and salt baths, both provide temporary relief, but soon after I start scratching myself raw again. If anyone has any ideas or have had any similar experience I'd appreciate any help.