Yeah, skin flakes around the eyelids or in the eyelashes are a pain in the year. I'm sure many of us have gotten used to navigating with one eye closed 'til we can pull over!

Suggestions: press a warm washcloth against your eyelids/lashes for at least half a minute, then take a damp Qtip (cotton swab) and gently drag from one end of eyelashes and / or eyelid. The washcloth helps soak the flakes or whatever gunk is there that needs to be removed, and the damp Qtip will gently swab it off with little to no eyelash removal. Toilet paper works instead of a washcloth if you're out of the house, and forunatley there are small packages of Qtips for sale that you can put in a purse or backpack, or even briefcase. Heck, Qtips in a plastic bag and then in a pocket work too. I reccomend doing this as a part of your morning routine, midday, and before you go to sleep. If you have exposed eyelids, this helps reduce chances of eye infection.
Also, keeping your favorite face moisturizer around and using it several times a day helps keep the peeling down so that fewer flakes fall in your eyes. If you use something that doesn't have a small portable bottle or jar available, go to your local drugstore that carries cosmetics. Quite often they have small plastic bottles and jars people use when traveling that you can fill with your favorite lotion or cream.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.