Hi, my son [2 1/2] is also really bothered with itching. He has whats thought to be nbCIE and itching at night is our main probelm. When he was little we always put scratch mits on and then socks over his hands when the scratch mits became too small, now I just have his skin covered as much as poss- bodysuit with poppers,so he cant scratch up his back and pjs but he still scratches from the top. I apply diprobase ointment [its like vaseline but less thick] 3-4 times daily all over, any less and he is really itchy, and sometimes have to apply it through the night.In the summer its really bad and in winter [its quite cold here-scotland]not so bad. We give him an antihistamine at night but It doesn't help much. Sorry if this hasn't helped much, just going through similar things

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