Hi everybody,

I'm a 20th year old girl from belgium with lamelar ichthyosis and my doctor has found a "solution" for my problem. It's a medecine called "neotigason"; it has several degrees you can choose from (depends on how sensitive you are)and i must say i couldn't live without it now. I've been taking this medecine sinds i was 12 and my skin looks pretty normal (i can even were tops or a bathing suite without everyone staring at me!). I still have to put on some cream every day (i use xérialine) but not like in the past. I can also sweat like a normal person now, warmth doesn't bother me anymore and my skin has a normal colour no matter what. The only problem with this medecine is that you can't get pregnant during and 2years after you use the pills. I was pretty depressed when i was little and i have to say, this medecine has saved my life.