Well, I keep waiting for my daughters skin to get better in this summer heat. Her skin is so bad at the moment. She is also having a horrible go with it concerning her ears. She has had otitis externa now for 9 months. It has progressed to the pt where she will have to go to the ENT every week for a cleaning and be on drops for 21 days (at least)NO SWIMMING. She also has a fungal infection on her feet. The poor kid is just so depressed and feeling like things are never going to improve. We are going to make an appt. w/an infectious disease dr. to see what if anything he/she can do. I know that fungal infectons are par for the course. I know things can be much worse, but....

Thanks for listening. Sometimes this is the only place where I feel comfortable "talking". At least on the bb I will get responses from those who have been there and done that!


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