Everything you are describing sounds just like my duaghter's skin. We haven't had testing done yet but have been told that she has LI (a mild case). She was a collodion baby and once the skin came off she was extremely dry and scaly. At about 11 months her skin totally changed. Her face never scales and is very soft, her forehead gets dry at times as well as behind her ears. Her neck, scalp, armpits, behind her knees and elbows, and diaper area are affected. All these areas are very dry and scale at times. I hardly ever put lotion on her stomach and back during the day and her skin remains soft on these areas. I wouldn't say her legs, arms and face are totally clear. Although they never scale, the texture of her skin is a bit different than "normal" skin, it's just not as soft. The only thing different for us is that Grace's hands look the classic LI hands....very wrinkled and dry (and cracked at times between her fingers). Whats funny is that her feet look perfectly normal. Let me know what you guys think.