Hi everybody.
Since 1 year,I've got a new doctor. Prof Morren from the Universaty Hospital in Leuven. She is specialized in icht and works together with the German doctor Traupe (also specialized in icht) I've already met prof. Kuester when he was in Belgium. I'm very happy with the research they all did. The thing is, BSI is very rare. They only know about more or less 10 people all over the world who have this peculiar phenothype of icht.
The doctors said (very carefully)BSI was resecive.
But, thanks to this forum, I've met Carolien from the Netherlands. She gave me the information I needed. She confirmed BSI is recessive and the chance our child will get it, is very small. I've waited long for answers, but now my biggest wish can come true: a baby.
Thank you.
Shandra, I'm looking for some pictures, if I've found some, I'll post them.