Hi im Anthony,
21 with lam ich, and as far as im aware i dont sweat. I work out quite hard in the gym and play soccer 5 nights a week and i quite often get comments "come on work harder your not sweating yet" my reply "i would if i could."
They just laugh and walk off - i hardly ever get to explain that i dont sweat - so i just look lazy or really fit. lol.

My belly button sweat a little but thats it.

Question for all other people
I have just joined this new gym near my home
they have fitness area, as you would expect, but also swimming pool, sauna nad steam room.

Because the steam room has moist air circulating do you think it owuld help my skin? As opposed to sauna which is a dry heat and no good- ive tried many times.

Cheers Ant
thank all