I am glad you found something you like. Is that shampoo a prerscription or over the counter? I have not tried that one. Is it stinky like the tar shampoos? It would be great if I could find something that prevents the build up of scales.
I have CIE too and almost adopted a little girl from India with lamellar ichthyosis. I worked on it for a year and found myself pretty attached to her even though I had not met her yet,. What I learned is that being a mother of a child with ichthyosis is so much harder than having it. Your daughter will do great with your love and support. It was my mom who got me throughj the rough times and I will be eternally grateful for that I had someone who loved me and adored me so much even though I was not perfect, she made me feel like I was better than perfect. She will have a wonderful life because she has you.
Take care,
Michele Menzia