A baby is harder to deal with when it comes to her scalp. I use a metal dog comb to comb out a lot of the scales but even doing it myself have sore spots on my head which if washed right away really hurt. You might try warm olive oil or after a long soak gently combing out scales with a mens mustache comb. I have put lac-hydrin on my head when my scalp is getting bad before I go to bed and try combing out scales in the morning. The mustache comb may be gentler and not cause sore spots. As your baby gets older it will get a little easier. As hair grows you see the scales less and it is easier to keep it under better control. It is hard to comb out any baby's or toddlers hair so don't get discouraged. I think the FIRST website or this one also had good tips for dealing with the scalp. Eight months is such a fun age, they sure keep you on your toes once they statt moving around on their own. Have fun, it goes by so quickly. My daughter starts highschool next week. As cliche as it sounds it seems like just yesterday she was eight months and already cracking me up with her wonderful personality. Enjoy andTake care!
Michele Menzia