Hi All..

Im am just starting to look into this condition.. I think I have some form of it, but I am not sure which one.. It is not as bad as any of yours. The worst I get just some slight flaking on the face and arms.. And black scales on the back of my legs.. I shower once a day in the morning and scrub with a hard sponge and then just put some curel cream on afterwards and my skin will stay soft. I find I have to switch creams every 4 months as my skin seems to build up a resistance to them.. Then after about a year, i can go back to them and they work again. I can go for a couple of days before the flakes will be noticable by others. The worst spot is my hair.. I just cant keep it flake-free, I just wanted to know what is a good product to use in your hair to help??
I have pretty short hair and the only way I can ever get rid of the skin is when i buzz my hair away..
I also live in Ontario and the climate has effected me in the past, but It seems that my skin is getting better on its own..During the summer, My skin is perfect and I dont have to apply anything to it to get it to be soft and my fingers dont crack up anymore..
The sun really seems to help my skin and I dont know what vitamin the sun gives out..

Umm.. I think thats is all I have to ask and say.. Thanks for listening to me ramble along!