Well, alot of questions but good one's to answer.
First, my skin is dry right around my menstral cycle probably the week before my period. I am assuming harmones. The 3 weeks after my cycle my skin looks normal but of course with the help of Lac Hydrin. I can control it know which makes me happy. True it a ritual every morning but at least I look half way decent by the time I am done. I, particularly get dry in the afternoon so I take a moment in the bathroom lathering up with Nivea cream. I feel better once that is done. I guess the better months are the warmer months for my skin and the worst are the cold months. However, I did notice right before it snows my skin get somewhat soft. Ironic, huh! but true. I feel on good days (emotinally) my skin is at its best and the worst days it is just horrible. I hope that this winter in NY will be an easy one so my skin is somewhat decent. What I do get upset about, with my skin, is when its very dry. Boy does it hurt and it flakes like crazy. Those days I just pray it will get easier as the day goes on.

A small note that I have been using for years pumice stones to scrub my skin. I find that once the skin is soaked for at least 10 minutes the easier it is to rub with the pumice stone. Dove, makes a great soap which definently does the trick and it smells great. I also use Mineral bath salts which help the skin soften up.

I also lather up at night if I feel extremely dry with either Vitamine E cream or Nivea and use a cotton pyjama. This helps enourmously at night and especially in the morning.

I also need to take care of my eyes now more than ever. The deterioration of my cornea due to the ichthyosis and the pulling of the my skin has put me in a routine. I put an ointment called muro ointment and than I use aquaphor to close the eye that somewhat helps to help soothe that dryness.

Hope that helps a bit.

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