hey thanks for all the replies everybody

those of you using salt baths, what effect does it have? i know i tried salt baths when i was young and didnt really like it.
then again i can understand how it can make your skin softer faster than water alone so maybe its worth another try. i can keep my skin from scaling/flaking as it is as long as im able to tend to it every day but if this lets me do it quicker then that'd be a big plus. its not going to leave my skin tasting all salty is it?

to those using knives i can relate, i use a pointy nail file to get under the thick skin on the soles of my feet. i havnt really found a good way to keep the soles of my feet good though, its more like wait til its really bad, get everything off, repeat.

for hair i use outrageous brand shampoo (for normal hair)... nothing special. i just make sure my scalp is plenty soft before i shampoo (i do it at the end of a bath). i had fairly long hair at one time and did have trouble with flaking. i also found that a metal dog comb worked good (used to have 3 of them). now i just shave my hair short, its definately a big improvement. also with short hair i can massage some lotion (vaseline usually) onto my scalp and then just wash out my hair with soap & water later on.

one question i have for all of you is what do you do about showering at the gym/after working out or after going swimming. i find that just applying normal lotion (say vaseline intensive care) my skin will eventually dry out much worse than it was before. problem is that it needs to be something that soaks in quickly... cant really chill in a change room waiting for lotion to soak in.

thats about all i can think to add, well i guess one change. i used to always have baths at night, before i went to bed. i always hated that because it choked off my social life and also because i would always be feeling my worst, that being the longest time since id cared for my skin, in the evening when i wanted to be doing things. so this year i set up my schedule so i dont have classes til 11 every day, ive been getting up at 6, having a 2.5 hour bath, then i eat, take a bit of time to relax, watch tv, whatever and then ill work out for about a half hour and try to leave myself about an hour or so to make sure my skin isnt greasy before i get dressed & go out.. its definately tough getting up but this way im feeling my best for the day to come so im happy with it. i just need to find a way to bathe while i sleep and id be set. =)