Hi Tyler,
The only time I go with out treating my skin is when I am out camping. Then I feel like the tin man on the wizard of oz "OIL! I NEED OIL" During my worst times is during the coldest and dryest part of winter when my skin can crack so badly that I look like an old lady when I am walking. It is at it's best during the summer, especially if I am at the beach. As to treatment,

Lots of baths often with salt water, lots of soaking and scrubbing, I actually use a dull knife to scrape scales off sort of like you would when descaling a salmon.(My friends and I often joke around about me being a mermaid, I spend so much time in the tub, I am part fish (ichthy) and part human, I have quite the mermaid collection now.)

I use lac hydrin once or twice a day mixed with vaseline intensive care or nivea or sometimes body butters. I constantly try different things when it comes to lotions these days. In the morning I top off the lac hydrin with a layer of glycerin which I have recently found works much better than the vaseline and aquaphor I have been using all my life. I have found that now my skin can breathe easier and I have much less scaling, it is much smoother now. I have tried and like protopic but have to use it sparingly since I have a sensitive liver. My skin doesn't interfere with my job or my life much just occasionaly does it become a problem for me. I am curious about the soritane everyone has talked about but don't want to trade one problem for another. I will be checking into the tazorac/protopic pill when it comes out since I had good luck with it but will do some more research before I do. That is all I can think of for now. Take care
Michele Menzia