Can you post the ingredients for the bath scrub so that I can try it? Thanks.
The main thing I do for my skin is to take hour long baths with salt in it, scrub my skin with a face cloth and put dermal therapy or vaseline on when I get out. I feel better in the morning if I've used vaseline, but it does feel gross, so I don't use it every time I bathe.
I shower in the morning and use the dermal therapy lotion and bathe at night. That does the trick for me.
For my scalp I alternate between T-Gel and T-Sal, which I leave on the entire time I am in the bath.
For my skin it's just a matter of keeping the flakes off so the moisturizer can work.
I, too, get wrinkly by the night time. That's why both the shower and bath combo work the best.