Ryley looks her best when I use the Tazorac. Her skin appears normal, still tight but pretty close to normal. She will still go through a small peeling phase but she doesn't mind it. Her eyes close lots better.

She looks her worst usually in the winter or when she doesn't have the tazorac. She gets lots of splits in her hands and feet. Her scale are dark and cover her legs, arms, hand, feet, face, and scalp. Her eyes don't close very good either.

Her ears are cleaned every 30 days by the ENT. The rest of the time we use drops.

Baths are done in the morning and night. She is lotioned after her baths and through out the day with Eucerin plus lotion for body cream for her face. The Tazorac is only used once a week. In her bath we put a special mix of oils sea salt and much more that helps soften the scales. Then with a loofa and brown sugar scrub we scrub the scales and flakes off. She soaks in this until she wants out, wich is sometimes an hour. I can send samples of the bath mix. A friend of mine did research on different oils and oats and stuff so she could find something for Ryley. What she made works and smells great.

Her scalp we still struggle with. She has so much hair it hurts to get the skin out. We just use baby oil Gel. Then a shower cap. To comb it out we use a metal dog comb. You can get it at any pet store. We use the fine tooth one. Hope this helps a little. If I missed anything or you have a question let me know.

Shauna Johnson

P.S Ryley is 5 and she has LI
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