after reading a lot of the posts here ive got to say that i dont really feel like ive learned much as far as caring for my skin goes.

theres plenty of posts about products people use but thats only a small part of it in my opinion.

i think it would be really helpful to discuss things like:

what is your skin like if its left untreated, and for different lengths of time like say a few hours since treatment, a day, a few days...

what is your skin like when its at its best

what do you consider good / bad as far as your skin goes

what treatments do you use, and i dont just mean what lotions, i mean showers, baths, how long, how often, do you do specific things for your hair, scalp, ears, hands, whatever.

the more you can share the more chance there is for all of us to learn something and have a better life for it so hopefully people will contribute to this.