Dear Anne,
This site is dominated by North American contribution. I have two sons (5 and 10 yrs) with laminar ichtyosis in the Netherlands and found the best help with a dermatologist in a specialised child hospital in Rotterdam. Treatment suggestions are in this site, but many products are not available in Europe.

We use base cream - mixed by the pharmacist -for the whole body (20% vaselin and 80% cream lanette) and the same cream with 3% ureum for hands and feet. You can try to increase the ureum level, but max 10% is difficult to keep (cool) and smells more. Ureum can cause some pain at sensitive skin locations.

In bath we use a very good (and expensive bath oil) called Nutraspa from Galderma.

Feel free to ask more if needed.

Barto Cleton
Barto Cleton