Hi anne,
im from the uk and I have lamella. When I was born the doctors were very confused to what I had, they told my parents I would not be able to walk, see and I would need 24hr care. How wrong could they be!! I can walk , see and look after myself andI am currently at university.
My skin is a million times better now than when I was a baby, so I hope your brother will be the same!
Try not to worry too much,Im sure he will be fine!

Originally posted by anne majakari:
my little brother (almost 1 month old) max has lamellar and me and his parents are of course eager to know more about it as there is so little information about it. so if you have similar experiences or can help us with anything, your info is welcome! we want the best for max and want to do our best to help him grow into a strong individual and educate ourselves about lamellar.
thank you!