Hey guys/girls,
I need everybody with lamellar to help me out. I have been talking to a woman(18 actually) who has lamellar and has never really talked to anyone with the same condition as hers. The only thing she has ever used is lachydrin and it stings her too much to use. I can't help her out because I have EHK and don't know the typical methods for lamellar care. She has written the youth board and gotten no reply. She is very outgoing and a great person. I would like ALL OF YOU to write her and tell her your methods and practices for skin care. I would also like her to have contact with other lamellar individuals so that she knows she is not the only one dealing with this. By the way, Carly, you are the moderator of the youth board, why is it that you didn't at least write her. Please do me this favor it would mean alot to me and her. Her name is Nadine and her email address is jesique@gurlmail.com Thank you very much.