Dearest Laura and Nikkster,

I have been using the Aquaphor to close the eye. Lately my eyes are drier and worsen at night. The abrasions are horrible because they are so painful. However, now I am using Muro ointment which seems to lesson the stinging and the irritation of the Muro tears. Nikkster, a stromal puncture is basically little holes being punctured in the white part of the eye. It helps keep the eye intact so that a corneal abrasion will not happen. Normally, if I feel the eyes very dry and painful it would inidicate an abrasion. Now if this happens the eye stays better in tact and makes me aware that more moisture is needed. It has helped. Discuss it with your doctor it you may need this. I just am trying anything to prevent this. The last abrasion which was in October was so bad, I was out of work for two days. It was extremely painful and horrible. I wish there was something else that could be done.

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