Hi folks. Not to disappoint anyone, but I've had 8 eye surgeries throughout my life & it has had no impact on my tearing. Yes my surgeons were the best, from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to Jules Stein Eye Clinic @ UCLA. The surgeries were for the single purpose of building up my eyelids trying to reduce the ectropia. Some worked better than other, a couple not at all. I feel it's a crap shoot. BUT, this should not dissuade anyone from trying. I've never had any surgery for my tear ducts. I will investigate this procedure. And like several of you I have worn sunglass all of my life. There are times even indoor light is hard. I've put a dimmer on the bathroom light to help me through those mornings. I've also found sleeping with a sleep mask helps keep my eyes protected at night & eliminates the light sensativity in the morning. Good luck to those of you going through & considering surgery, I will have it done again because the doctor is right, your sking does go back to the way it was before, it's just a little bit better.