hi there, if anyone has seen my posts else where, you would be aware that i have been taking Acitretin, Neotigerson in particular, my condition is severe and after 15 years on this drug i am experiencing joint problems and tiredness, so much so i have had to give up work. my bone density shows signs of osteoporosis. your skin, being your largest organ requires a lot of energy to rebuild, and with all this in mind i have given up the drug which appears not to be working now, if you suffer as i do, get off the drug, or don't begin to take it and use Alpha Hydroxy lotion from Dermal Therapy of Canada, also available in UK at Advanced Care Products, i have just been using it for the last week and i swear by it, my skin for the first time is very smooth and completely clear of dry skin.
It is a miracle lotion, text me direct if you wish, petemackean@sky.com
all the best to all
pete mackean