I took accutane for 10 years back in the early 80's. They were constantly xraying my knees, wrists and spine. I never showed any bone damage, however I did show calcification of my spine which they thought was no big deal. What it did effect was my joints, specifically the cartiledge is deteriorating. Ten years of xrays every 3 months and they never noticed it because they weren't looking for it, they were looking for bone deformaties. It wasn't until I mentioned to my derm that I had my hip xrayed and was diagnosed with arthritis that he took notice and had the xrays evaluated by his xray expert and concluded that it was from the accutane. Retinoids can effect more then just your bones and liver. Dr. Milstien(not sure of spelling) from the first conferences told me that he had done a study of tendons becoming calcified from retinoid use. If you're having xrays taken make sure they look for this also, not just your joints and bone structure. Tell them to look for it, many derms will see that you have Ichthyosis and just automatically want to put you on retinoids. Every time I see my derm he tries to get me to sign a consent form to go on soriatane, you'd think after 12 years of telling him I'm done with retinoids and I'll wait for a cure he'd get the hint. Most doctors will only do the bare minimum tests and xrays unless you tell them specifically that something hurts or that you want more extensive testing done. Pay specific attention to any new aches and pains when on retinoids, write it down, memorize it, what ever it takes and bring it up with your doc the next time you meet. Hopefully this will enable them to catch any harmful side effects before they get to severe.