I used this for 3 days and it did freaky damage to my skin. i used hardly any and the damage slowly built up to something i hope to never experience again. I was using it for acne and told not to wash it off. This dangerous garbage felt like as stated above a checmical burn! That was also my excuse the next day when i went to school looking like that. It healed up after 2 days. i threw away both bottles of the stuff in the garbage. I can see it possibly helping clear up my face if i find the correct amount which i know is VERY small amounts. I feel bad for the many teenagers who may use too much of this horrible cream of crap on their face for acne. I have mild acne so i didnt need the over the counter stuff but i assumed it would help me more. This stuff is dangerous and shouldnt be given to people with acne problems without someone teaching them to use it hands on. I urge anyone who reads this before trying it do not use more than u think because the dryness takes quite a while to take effect. i honestly believe the formula is too strong for acne treatment and should be far less strength. i used .1 so maybe thats what did it... i dont know and i dont care.

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