Hi Lisa,

I learnt about Tozorc from this BB and asked my son's doctor to prescribe for him. It is the 0.1 and we were using for almost 2 years since he was 5 and half years old. I use it on his face and neck daily. I use very small amount very lightly once he gets out of the shower and cover it with Aquaphor. It helps to remove the scaling very effectively. It doesn't burn him or sting and has side effect so far. By looking at his face he looks normal. I tried on his hand but didn't help that much. I am very pleased the result on his face and neck. I wish it worked the same way for other part of his body.
I think the way these creams work differently from one person to another with the same type of Ichthyosis is amazing. My son has Lamellar and the doctor didn't see any problem other than helping him to the best.
It is hard to say whether it works for you as it worked for my son, except give it a try and discuss it with the doctor. I hope it will work for you the same way.
solomon rumicha