No, I hadn't heard of using betacarotene, but it does sound less toxic than using Acutane. We are currently seeing a specialist at UCSF who did mention the benefits of using Tazorac as well for thickened areas of skin. We have another appt. in 2 weeks and I'll ask her about the betacarotene. I looked over the website you mentioned, and I don't doubt that this doctor has helped people with herbal remedies. I have a friend that truly believes in using herbs for wellness, I just can't say that I've had as much luck with them. Dane seems to be very sensitive to certain herbs. I'd proceed with caution, but maybe try very small doses at first, and not more than one supplement at a time. Dane really has a hard time digesting many herbs, but that might just be him. There's another website I came across last year (I think it's who also swears by their herbal remedies. I have to admit that the topical cream and scalp oil was very soothing to Dane's skin. I was too worried about trying the oral supplements, as Dane was on many medications at the time and I've always heard that it's not good to take herbal treatments while taking prescribed medications. Does your daughter take any other medications? If not, you may consider trying the supplements in very small amounts.

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my daughter is also 3y with LI her derm. refused retenoids before 13y but he stared local retenois in the most thick scaly area ,they are useful. as I am a dentist I have my medical reading so, I WAS ADVICED TO GIVE HER betacarotene wich is the precursore of vit. A in the body to give the same effect as VIT A do u have any idea about it? again I send mail to Dr. Tirant in this link {}and he promise me with management ichthyosis can u go such link and told me your opinion specially that your husband is a dentist too
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