When I was born the docs told my mom to use A and D ointment on me. I aborbed so much through skin that I nearly died and ended up at the university of Wash hospital where I was diagnosed at three weeks. You can indeed absorb things good or bad through your skin and there is no way to measure how much, it may be a little or it may be a lot. Ask for blood tests just to put your mind at ease. It sounds like you do not use it that often but since she is so little I would take precautions just to be sure. My doc mentioned that the oral form may be better because you can control how much is getting into your system as opposed to the skin which is difficult to measure. ( We were talking about protopic) Since I know that I have a sensitive liver I try to becareful about what I put on my skin and what I put in my body. I figure my liver is more important than what my skin looks like. Take care,
Michele Menzia