Hey Fish Oil Guy!!! Just wanted to say Thank You for the inspiration re: trying the infamous Fish Oil. I've recently traded Acitretin (which I've been on for about 20 years) for a combination of Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Multivitamins A,C&E. So far it's been great, with no real regression in my skin since stopping the Acitretin. In fact my face is more hydrated and smoother, and my feet look better also. I've been looking for an alternative treatment for ages, but it wasn't untill discovering the Bulletin Board and your very enthusiastic post that I felt confident in making the break! It takes a bit of courage to try something new, particularly when the old drug worked well.
The beauty of the fish oil etc is the lack of scary side effects, and the fact that they are water soluble as opposed to building up in the fat cells and remaining for years after the drug is stopped.
So thank again for passing your enthusiasm on to me!!
Hope it's all going well for you,