I found this post and thought it was interesting.

In my continuous struggle against x-linked ichthyosis (top layer of skin cells are extremely difficult to slough off, predominant in males)I bought an off-brand of fish oil concentrate at the $1 store (yep, $1). Ingredients are Eicasopentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid and Natural fish oil concentrate (2000mg). I popped a couple a couple times a day, not really expecting any results. I had also just started taking liquid calcium/magnesium (aspartate, citrate).

Two or three days later I noticed I was waking up feeling more refreshed, rested and thought the magnesium/calcium was working. But then I noticed my skin, which, in addition to the severe scaling, had become wrinkled and dry. The "clumps" of skin had begun coming off in the shower, and in their place was new skin the texture of a baby's!!! Also, my "desertous" nasal passages were "releasing" huge dry chunks of "buggers" (I'm sorry to be so gross, I'm just so excited!) that I thought were a permanent part of my nose!

Now, two weeks later, almost all my skin is normal and "plumped" like regular skin (if you've never seen ichthyosis you just can't appreciate how I feel.) I'm sleeping like a baby (sometimes almost TOO deep), my chronic constipation has diminished CONSIDERABLY, I'm breathing more normally (as opposed to previous GASPING!), many of those little lines around my mouth have faded, my nervous tics aren't nearly as severe or frequent, I look about 5 years younger, and I'm MUCH more optimistic about life (probably because I've got a new body!)

Needless to say, I paid two more dollars, and bought two more bottles of the fish oil! I still have two questions: