Oh my god, that X-Files episode nearly put me over the edge! I was really pissed about it, but not as pissed as when it was featured on another TV show.
Now I can't remember the name, but it was a short-lived TV show waaaay back in the very early 80's or late 70's, it starred Bess Armstrong, and it was about a husband and wife team that were TV writers.
They wanted to give their lead character a really bad disease or something, and one guy said something like cancer, and Bess Armstrong said "No, something really gross and nasty like Ichthyosis". As a child, I was just horrified because I didn't think I had something gross or nasty.
Apparently this was a stupid enough statement that the FIRST publication at the time quoted in their newsletter, I remember being happy that someone else had seen it and been pissed off too [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]