Lisa Marie,

I was wondering how you were doing! Yeah, going off Accutane is definitely tough. I definitely have to be more aggressive with how often I cream, and how many AHAs I use, when I'm off Accutane.

And if you find that it's just too much of a deterioration in the quality of your life, hey, you may decide to go back on Accutane. That's okay too. At least you'll have gotten some valuable information about what your skin (and your life) is like when you're not on Accutane.

I think you're taking a good approach, though, giving it at least a couple of months before making a decision.

Those six months on, six months off "holidays' were really hard for me (soo hard to make myself go off, and soo anxious to go back on). of these years they're going to come up with something better than retinoids.

Much sympathy,