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Hello Laura, I think your last post was very informative and very interesting.Since I only take acid creams, I would like to know more about the difference between Accutane and Soritain/Neotigason.I think both are made by Roche, which one has fewer side affects?Is one specifically made for one type of ichthyosis such as lamellar, and the other is for EHK/CIE? As for pregnancy, is one less hard on the system as the other and is the waiting period the same for both medications.Many have posted the pros and cons, but would like to know the comparisons between the two. Also, is the waiting period for resting the body from Accutane and Soritain the same? It would be a good panel discussion at the Seattle conference. I bet we would have a multiple set of answers and disagreements from the doctors and derms, but would be a good interactive session as I see it.Take care all and thanks. Bye for now. Les

Dear Les,
I suffer from Lemellar Ichthyosis & Eczema and am currently in pretty bad shape. My dermatologist has once again pushed the issue for me to get on Accutaine. I am curious as to what Laura's response was to you about this discussion. I am going in on Friday (10/31) to speak to him about starting this treatment. Please let me know. Thanks.

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