Personally I haven't found dermatologists very useful, and we actually have stopped going altogether. The one we keep around for good measure is the Head of Pediatric Dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital (Tor Schwayder). He was recommended to us by another derm. He is slightly more knowledgeable, and doesn't simply regurgitate whatever he just read after googling "ichthyosis" on the web...(LOL!) University of Michigan is where we started out. Ayla was transferred to the NICU there after birth. It's a great hopsital, but they told us right off the bat that Ayla was the first collodion baby they had treated in quite some time. I just started a new job though (I am a nurse tech in the birthing center where Ayla was born), and I am going to need to utilize a Detroit Medical Center affiliated doctor, so I will let you know if I stumble across a good one. Sorry that wasn't very helpful. Here is a link (if I copied it correctly) to a recent thread with pics of Ayla. She is 20 months old.