Tyler is such a cutie! My husband's in the Army too, we're stationed at Fort Meade in MD.

Julia had a LOT of problems in her first 1 1/2 years - particularly with failure to thrive. With NS, most kids need more calories than normal, and Julia just wouldn't grow on a regular intake. At 8 months old she was about 8lbs! Around 8 months old, we began doing night NG feeds (nasal-gastric; we would insert an NG tube at night and then take it out in the morning), and she gained weight immediately. She hasn't done the feeds for about 4 or 5 months now, and is able to take by mouth the calories she needs (which at this point is about 1,500/day!!). She's had issues with her sodium levels; pancreas function (not sure if that's related to NS or not, it's a nonissue currently, was resolved); and skin infections.

Our main issue right now is feeding - she has an oral aversion from the tube feeding, so she's in feeding therapy to learn how to eat table food. Otherwise, she's a happy, normal kid!

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