I used P&S oil on A last night for the first time; I think it's made by the same people who make Vanicream and Free & Clear shampoo. Her scalp is whistle clean this morning -- nary a scale in sight. It also is beet red, and her hair is greasy even after I washed it this morning. She says it doesn't hurt, so maybe the redness is just the color of her scalp without the scales covering it? Who knows. It seemed to have worked, though, and I will probably use it at least once a week to get the major build-up off.

Oh, and weirdest thing -- her hands are baby smooth today. She rubs her hair a lot in her sleep, and I think she got the oil on her hands and it got the build-up off her hands, too. Whatever the reason, it was so nice to feel her hand today and know that it wasn't too dry or uncomfortable for once.
4 year old daughter with CIE