Hi. This is my first time on this website. After 7 years, we finally found out that our son has X-linked Ichthyosis. We have went round and round with both pediatricians and dermatologists alike to get an answer. Two peds said Ich, the derm guy said eczema, and the child specialist determined X-link Ich. Now we just need to know where to go from here, the specialist suggested all of the norm from Eucerin, Aquaphor...etc. Obviously, after 7 years we have tried all of the above but to no avail. I read through some of the topics on here and saw some things about salt rubs, does that really work? (My son is very dramatic so if it burns a little bit he will act like it is killing him.) Also, just learned that we need to bathe him more often...we were originally told not to. Is there anything we can add to his bath water? Again, non-stinging? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!