She's been throwing up for months now (though still gaining weight! Odd), so we sent off a milk allergy test. We didn't really think that's what it was, because she does fine when she gets Similac (milk-based formula), but throws up on the Pediasure (what she's currently getting).

Surprise, surprise - she's at the high end of a class 1 allergy to milk! I guess there's 6 classes, so it's more like an really bad intolerance, but at least we know what's causing the vomiting. I honestly don't think we're going to switch her off, just because she does fine other than the puking - it doesn't seem to be bugging her. Plus, I don't know what else we could give her that has such a high calorie count (at the moment she needs over 1,400 calories/day!) in such little liquid. We can't concentrate regular formula, because it makes her sodium skyrocket (at least that's what they think happened, when she was hospitalized near Halloween).

I hope this isn't the start of a ton of allergies...
Mom to Julia