hi there. I am new here, and my baby was born 9 weeks ago. she was born with the collidion membrane and she is still peeling. the derms here dont seem to know anything right now, but this is her symptoms. she still has tough skin on her arms and legs, her scales are mostly white,some are more yellow in the t zone on her face and her scalp. her skin underneath seems to hsve a normal pink colouring, but really dry feeling and it looks wrinkly. we have also had her genetic testing done and they came back stating-that she has a normal female karyotype with no chromosomal structural or numerical aberration. it also says that this study shows no evidence of a complete deletion of the sts gene,which in 90% of these patients is identified by fish. the remaining 10% have other rearrangements that cannot be identified by fish. this does not rule out autosomal ichthyosis due to mutations at 2q34. if anyone has any insight to this I would love to hear from you. The doctors, pediatricians, and derms arent able to tell us anything.??? I know that you all have so much more knowledge. Thanks