Does anyone else deal with this problem?

Just the other day, I went and had my hair cut. Elliot sat on my lap under the cloth, but he kept pushing it off, so he had a lot of hair clippings inside his outfit. I ran my son to preschool, then went to the grocery store, then we just barely had time for dinner before my son had an evening event at the preschool. By the time we got home, Elliot was asleep, so he didn't get a bath.

The next day, I took off his outfit for his bath, and the skin had grown over the hair clippings where they had poked through his socks. I spent about 15 minutes pulling them all out, and the skin was inflamed red. 2 of them had embedded so deep that it took me a week to get them out.

This used to happen to Nathan on occasion, too. He would get a hair stuck to him as I creamed, and it would be embedded by bedtime when I next changed his outfit.

Is this unique to our type, or a common problem?
Ichthyosis-en-Confetti Type 2
Husband, Nathan - 10, Elliot - 7, Oliver - 4, all affected.
I also have an unaffected daughter, age 8.

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