I don't know if it's the NJ weather, or the new cream I've been using on Jules, but her skin has been fantastic. I think it's the cream, because I noticed the difference after using it for a couple of days. It's called Bag Balm, I got it at Walgreens - it's mainly lanolin, I think.

I'm going to attach pictures when I get to my in-law's house later tonight, I don't have my camera wire with me (I'm at my mom's). But, from the shoulder's down, her skin literally looks unaffected. For the past three days, no flaking, no peeling, no reddness. I haven't had to do any exfolliating except her face and scalp (those seem to be in a constant state of peeling in the mornings - my guess is because they're both exposed all the time, while the rest of her body's covered in clothes?). I'm amazed.

Anyway, will post pix later [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img] Just wanted to throw that out there. The cannister for the Bag Balm says it's for animals, but the pharmacist assured me it was for people lol Either way, it works!
Mom to Julia