This is sooo off topic, but I am not sure where else to get good unbiased advice. I know it sounds like such a trival concern but I am at a loss of how to handle things.

I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. Our first, as you probably know is a boy, Alex will be just over two when this baby is born. I have not been expecting a shower at all for this baby. I just found out that my MIL just bought a ton of presents for any future showers. When my husband told her not to get so much stuff she was outraged that we would not be having a baby shower. (we have had problems with her buying too much stuff before, it is a whole long story that I am not going to go into)Now I am worried that she is going to want to throw a shower. I personally think it is not appropriate for me to have a second shower in two years. They only things I need are clothes and things to decorate the nusery, all of which I would like to pick out myself.

Am I being totally out of line and just reacting to the fact that my MIL drives me nuts with her materialism. I really do not want people to feel that they have to give me more presents that I do not want or need.
It is so confusing. I almost think it would be easier if I was having another boy, then I really wouldn't need anything.



Alex is doing well. It has been pretty warm and humid here. unseasonally warm in fact so his skin is doing great. I am dreading the day when the cold weather really sets in. And he is finally starting to accept the fact that he is going to be a big brother.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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