16 years. I'm impressed by your commitment. I was a Cub Scout for only two years but also formed very fond memories from Scouting.

The main reason I quit was my ich. I really did not have a firm grasp on properly caring for my skin at that time. As a consequence, the twice-yearly camping trips were very trying for me. Winter camp in Canada was tough on my skin. While summer camp weather was much kinder, I was always self-conscious about having to lotion-up, apart from the other boys, after the frequent water activites. Back in the 70's, camp facilities were also much more rudimentary so bathing and skin care was not easy for a 8-year old with ich. That's why I admire your dedication. But "Cubs" played a significant role in building my young confidence and character. I'd recommend Scouting as something to consider to any parent.

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